Chemical Mixers

These rugged and reliable industrial high speed chemical batch mixers are designed for convenient installation in all types of applications. With an array of mounting configurations, horse power selections and a complete accessory offering "GTP" High Speed Mixers are a smart way to complete any chemical batching / processing application.


Mixing of liquids occurs frequently in process engineering. The nature of liquids to blend determines the equipment used. Single-phase blending tends to involve low-shear, high-flow mixers to cause liquid engulfment, while multi-phase mixing generally requires the use of high-shear, low-flow mixers to create droplets of one liquid in laminar, turbulent or transitional flow regimes, depending on the Reynolds number (turbulence) of the flow. Turbulent or transitional mixing is frequently conducted with turbines or impellers; laminar mixing is conducted with helical ribbon or anchor mixers

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