"EJ" Series Metering Pumps

Walchem's EJ Series provides precise chemical injection at an economical price. Universal voltage capability enables operation from 100 - 240VAC in virtually all countries. The EJ Series are compact, simple to operate and have outputs up to 1.3 GPH (4.8 LPH) and a maximum pressure of 175 PSI (1.2 MPa).

  • Standard Features:

    High Speed Performance The EJ Series operate at 360 strokes-per-minute, providing high resolution chemical feed and high turndown capability.  Most competitive products operate at slower speeds, resulting in slug feeding, accelerated diaphragm wear and poor feed control.


    Universal Voltage The Universal Voltage Function enables the EJ Series to operate at any AC voltage.  The EJ Series also conform to global standards.


    External Control The EJ Series have both digital input and Stop/Start inputs built into the pump, enabling either proportional or On/Off control.


    IP65 Equivalent Protection A robust housing protects the pump from normal wear. Mounting the Digital Display and Key Pad control within the drive housing creates a highly water resistant design. A clear cover further protects the pump from liquids.

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