"MD" MagDrive Pumps

Iwaki America, the world leader in small magnetically coupled centrifugal pump technology, offers the premier line of non-metallic centrifugal pumps.


OPERATING PRINCIPLE: A seal less magnet drive pump uses magnet torque to transmit energy from the motor to the impeller.  A magnet coupling is formed using an inner, or driven magnet, attached to the impeller and an outer, or drive magnet, attached to the motor shaft. This design eliminates mechanical shaft seals or packing, since there is no direct connection between the motor shaft and the impeller.  The front and rear casings are sealed with a static O-ring and form the pump or liquid end.  The magnetic field is transmitted from the drive magnet through the rear casing to the driven magnet that is attached to the impeller.  The combined coupling torque of the drive magnet and impeller magnet provides the driving power to the fluid being pumped.



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