Trueflo Flow Sensors & Controls

The Truflo® Paddlewheel Flow Meter provides High Accuracy at Low Cost and is ideal for plastic piping. The Truflo® consists of a rugged true union industrial design that is suitable for corrosive applications with virtually NO pressure drop. The TKS series provides a 1 amp selectable output Relay that can be used as an alarm for high or low flow rate conditions.

  • Standard Features:

    Full Body Flow Meters, 1/2" to 4", Blind or with Display

    Low Flow Sensors

    Insertion Flow Sensors and Fittings

    Plastic Mag Meters

    Ultrasonic Flow Meters

    Loss of Prime/Level Switch


    Optional Features:

    4-20mA and Pulse Outputs on Flow

    Leak Detection

    Gauges and Gauge Isolators

    Differential Pressure Gauges

    Level Switch Assemblies


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  • Standard Installation Diagrams


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